For the 2020-2021 school year, EDT will be participating in two different competitions, with multiple teams in each one. Here is a brief explanation of each one before we introduce our teams:

Midwest Robotics Design Competition (MRDC)

MRDC is a competition that rewards points for completing certain tasks that are specified each year. Some of these tasks might include pressing buttons, shooting balls, or maneuvering difficult obstacles. The winner is determined from a bracket-style elimination, with approximately 40 teams competing against each other. At the very end of the competition, teams can choose to enter a “Demolition Round” where the goal is to be the last one standing… More information about the competition can be found here!


Robobrawl is exactly what it sounds like; robots that are designed to destroy their opponents. Each team must follow sizing and weight constraints to level the playing field, and the winner is determined from a bracket-style elimination. More information about the competition can be found here!

Teams (Competitions)

Team STELLA competes in MRDC, and their design takes advantage of wide tank treads that can crawl over just about anything. Stella is 3ft wide and weighs in at ~55 lbs without any mechanisms. Some recent improvements include a completely new chassis, a custom-built control system, and a ball collector mechanism. Find out more about Stella here!

Team ARTOIS also competes in MRDC but has a different goal from most other robots. The sole purpose of this robot is to compete and win in the Demolition Round. This differs from a Robobrawl team because there are significantly more restrictions on the “weapons” allowed. Artois has been designed to scoop its opponents and manipulate them as they wish.

Team AIR also competes in MRDC, however their design each year is centered around drone flight. One of the many rules of the competition is that drone entries earn double points from accomplishing tasks. Click HERE to read more

Devastating Wind & Cyclone compete in Robobrawl, and are built to withstand extreme forces in the arena. Both robots are equipped with horizontal spinner weapons, custom machined to destroy. Click HERE to read more

Teams (Projects)

Due to the possibility that competitions will be postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19, we will be putting an additional focus on internal projects, and finding ways to collaborate from home. These projects will not directly affect any competition but will be used to expand our current knowledge base. They are also all new teams for Fall 2020, which means that their rosters need to be filled!

The Robotic Arm Project will focus on 3 main objectives: Design Process, Documentation, and Fabrication. Knowledge from all engineering disciplines, such as Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science, will be needed to successfully build an Arm! Click HERE to read more

The Electric Drift Trike will require a mix of mechanical and electrical work. Planned projects will include, but are not limited to, designing and welding a frame, creating a battery pack with a battery management system, and fabricating a fully functioning, 3 wheeled, zero-emissions vehicle. Click HERE to read more

The Filament Recycler is a project that will allow us to recycle old prototypes, support material, or failed prints that are left over from our 3D printers. The Machine will first grind the old plastic, melt and mix the small bits, then roll it into a new spool. There are lots of delicate thermodynamic and mechanical elements that must be considered in the design process, so if that sounds interesting please get in contact! Click HERE to read more

The Micro Mouse Project consists of maze solving, small scale robots that are built and programmed completely from scratch. Each “mouse” is placed inside a custom built mini-arena, where it is then timed for how long it takes to complete the maze. At the beginning, most of the focus will be on electrical engineering (when being constructed), and programming/computer science thereafter. Click HERE to read more