Team AiR

Team AiR is a fairly new team within EDT. It was created 3 years ago, with the intention of engaging members that are interested in the computer science aspect of robotics. AiR stand for Artificial Intelligence Robotics and it is the team’s long term goal to create an autonomous robot. Team AiR’s projects so far have been focused on modifying quadcopters. In the past three years, Team AiR has competed in two different competitions. Those competitions were the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) in 2018 and the Midwest Robotics Design Competition (MRDC) in 2019.

Team AiR was going to compete in the Midwest Robotics Design Competition (MRDC) in 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic MRDC 2020 was cancelled. We’re currently working on a drone for MRDC 2021, which will be similar to the planned MRDC 2020 Competition. More information click here.

Team AiR’s plan for MRDC 2021 involves a new hexacopter drone design. This project is ambitious because we are building the hexacopter ourselves from parts that we have selected, rather than buying a ready to fly drone. Having a hexacopter also means that the drone can carry more weight, which gives the team more freedom to make creative mechanisms and drone modifications. We are looking forward to having new members and growing our team. We also encourage our team members to take the challenge of designing an aerial robot, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and grow as engineers.

Meeting Times

In person meetings will be on Saturdays at 12:00 pm, team updates and communication will take place on the Discord channel called mrdc-air.

Meetings and Workshops Schedule

  • Week 1: Introduction and recruitment
  • Week 2: Discussion of current plans
  • Week 3-4 : Assemble the drone
  • Week 5 : Order additional parts for the drone and for mechanism design
  • Week 6: Assign coding tasks for team members to use a Raspberry Pi to move servos
  • Week 7: Get the drone to fly and record a flight video

    Team AiR will update this page with the team’s future plans after the 7th week of school.

Workshop Resources

Solidworks Installation Tutorial (LINKED)
Lynda Solidworks 2021 Essential Training (LINKED)


Captain: Keefe Li

Current Members: Christian Sanchez, Bryan Havens, Leeza Andryushchenko, Leland Moy, Khai Hung Nguyen.