Midwestern Robotics Design Competition (MRDC) is a yearly robotics competition held at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign among different colleges and universities in the Midwest. MRDC is an objective-based and timed competition, and the rules vary each year. Compared to most robotics competitions, either land and aerial robots (drones) can be entered. Every last day of the event, teams has the option to join the Demolition Round where there is only one goal – Stay Alive; Destroy Robots. MRDC was EDT’s first and longest running competition since the organization’s inception, and also the competition where the organization gets the most of its awards and achievements. 

Robobrawl is an annual combat robotics event that takes place each year with MRDC. The event consists of a double elimination tournament over the two days where each team battles for dominance. 

What:                                          Task/Objective Based Competition
Where:                                        University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign,          Champaign, IL
When:                                         Yearly on March, Spring Semester
Number of Land Robots:        2
Number of Aerial Robots:      1

MRDC 2019 (Event Concluded – Stay Tuned for MRDC 2020)
Achievements: Semi-Finalists – EDT.AiR
                            2nd – EDT.STELLA
> STELLA: Damien Gilbert, EE

> AiR: Mohammad Mohammad, MCS

> DevastatingWin: Antonio Romero, EE

March 10, 2019, MRDC Spring 2019; Robots: EDT.Stella, EDT.Air, EDT.DevastatingWin