Stella is a ground-based robot that competes in MRDC (Midwest Robotics Design Competition). The drive train and chassis are 3 ft. wide and weigh in around 55 lbs. MRDC’s rules change each year, so there are always new problems to solve and creative mechanisms to design! You need zero previous experience to join. Everyone has to start somewhere and we learn together.

Stella before mechanisms are added each year

We will be limited in how often we can meet in person in Fall 2020, so we are putting a focus on becoming more well-rounded engineers! We will be holding various workshops covering Arduinos, Solidworks, 3D printing, and design to broaden our skills outside of our major disciplines as we work to design our mechanisms. For a robotics or automation-related career it is important to know a little bit of mechanical, electrical, and computer science.

Meeting Times

Tuesdays & Thursdays
5:00 – 6:30pm
Virtual meeting links are posted in our Discord server.

Meetings and Workshops Schedule

Planned schedule for the Fall semester, subject to change:

Week Planned Topics
1Welcome Back Orientation
2Arduino Tutorial for Members
3Arduino Tutorial for Members
4Design Workshop
5Design Workshop
6Design Workshop
7MRDC Rules Expected
8MRDC Rules Expected
9MRDC Rules Expected
10Basic design for new mechanisms
113D Printing Workshop/Begin electrical design
123D Printing Workshop
16Begin testing prototypes, revising design

Workshops Resources

Solidworks Installation Tutorial (LINKED)
Lynda Solidworks 2019 Essential Training (LINKED)


Dan EvenComputer EngineeringSenior
Aaron LonnMechanicalSenior
Tessa BurkeMechanicalSenior
Tien CaoMechanicalSenior
Stephanie FloresMechanicalSenior
Rafal KlechaMechanicalSenior
Jose MendozaMechanicalSenior
Aden PrinceComputer ScienceSophomore
Niraj SalunkheComputer ScienceSophomore


Stella before mechanisms are added
Most of Team Stella
Hands-on work (the fun stuff)
Stella design from 2019-2020
MRDC 2020 Arena and Scoring Breakdown