University of Illinois at Chicago:

“UIC is a major research university offering the cultural, business and entertainment opportunities you can only find in a world-class city. As one of the top 200 research-funded institutions in the world, UIC faculty discover the things that others teach. ”

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Engineering: Primary support is monetary and provides space for EDT’s workshop.

“The Mission of the UIC College of Engineering is to address the needs of the State and nation through excellence in education, research and service; to educate students for careers of leadership and innovation in engineering and related fields; to expand the base of engineering knowledge through original research, developing technology to serve the needs of society; and to benefit the public through service to industry, government and the engineering profession.”

 4PCB Circuits: Manufactured custom circuit boards for IGVC robot, Scipio.

AMD: Provides funding for the Jerry Sanders competition, including course build costs, monetary awards, and travel expenses.

HERE: HERE Maps donated our Hemisphere GNSS, used on our IGVC robot, Scipio.

Sick: Provided the sweeping laser range finder used on our IGVC robot, Scipio.

Solidworks: Provides EDT with extensive modeling software licensing.