To meet the needs of a rising member base former EDT and UIC alumni Nick Novak has

donated his time to teach new students about robotics. This program is a crash course in integrating concepts from Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Science.

In addition to teaching, Bootcamp also offers new EDT members a place to apply their knowledge of engineering. This idea is realized by having Bootcamp teams work on special projects, including designing a mobile workstation to be utilized in all of the robotics competitions. Special Projects is a section of EDT run by society treasured Paul Gorski. Both Paul and Nick act as advisors to help these teams in their design/build process, and to ensure success of their goals. In this way we hope students can gain experience in how to physically implement the concepts discussed in their engineering classes.

This may be Bootcamp‘s first year, but we are already excited about it as a society, because we feel that it helps UIC students, especially underclassmen, gain often neglected hands-on experience.


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