Robot Arm


The meetings for the Robotic Arm project will focus on 3 main objectives: Design Process, Documentation, and Fabrication. Knowledge from all engineering disciplines, such as Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science, will be needed to successfully build an Arm!

Meeting Times

Mondays and Fridays at 5PM

Meetings and Workshops Schedule

(To be updated)
Week 1 – Recruitment and organizing, No meetings
Week 2 – Project Introduction, Solidworks Workshops
Week 3 – Designing for manufacturing (3D printing, laser cutting, etc)
Week 4 – Prototype Arm Kickoff
Week 5 – Prototype Arm Design
Week 6 – Prototype Arm Fabrication

Workshops Resources

Solidworks Installation Tutorial (LINKED)
Lynda Solidworks 2019 Essential Training (LINKED)


Captains: Matt Meyers