Based loosely off of Micromouse competition where teams build and compete microrobots to autonomously navigate mazes. We will be designing our own rendition of these microrobots individually with the guidance of our project lead.
Members will be given the opportunity to learn about the effectiveness of the Arduino platform to effectively and efficiently prototype their designs. Once the prototypes are complete, members will be taught the industry standard of electrical hardware design to implement sleek circuit boards and components into their designs!

Main focus in teaching members the basics of Arduino coding and hardware design.

Meeting Times

Weekly Meeting times: Wednesdays at 6pm

Meetings and Workshops Schedule

Week 1 – Introduction (Project and Goals)
Week 2 – Introduction (Software – Getting Started!)
Week 3 – Introduction (Software – Arduino, EAGLE, GitHub)
Week 4 – GitHub
Week 5 – Arduino (Install and Blink tutorial)
Week 6 – Arduino (Peripherals and other Basics)
Week 7 – Arduino (Robot Research and Planning)
Week 8 – Arduino (Robot Design)
Week 9 – Arduino (Robot Prototype)
Week 10 – Arduino (Robot Debugging)
Week 11 – Eagle (Install and Demo)
Week 12 – Hardware Design
Week 13 – Hardware Design
Week 14 – Prototyping (Final)
Week 15 – Eagle Design
Week 16 – PCB Order

Workshops Resources

Getting Started with Github Tutorial (LINKED)
Getting Started with Arduino Tutorial (LINKED)
Getting Started with Autodesk EAGLE (LINKED)


Kaleb Rzab – Project Lead