Project Captain: Riley Bouchard


The goal of the Filament Recycler project is to develop a way to take scrap 3D printing materials and reprocess them back into usable filament. We will be designing and building machines that will help achieve this including: a shredder to process the scrap into small enough pellets, an extrusion mechanism to take the pellets and create new filament, and a spooling device that will cool and store the end product.

This project deals with ME and EE concepts, but is open to all majors and experience levels. Members will learn skills including: Solidworks, machining/assembly, and 3D printing, along with many others.

Meeting Times

Online Every Thursday from 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM

In Person on Tuesdays (Time TBA)

Meeting Agendas

Updates will be made as the project continues.

Workshops Resources

Solidworks Installation Tutorial
Lynda Solidworks 2019 Essential Training


Captain: Riley Bouchard

Currently looking for new members!