Another year and another victory for UIC’s Engineering Design Team (EDT)! This year, not only has EDT taken 1st and 3rd place, but also “Most Minimal Design” and “Most Points Scored in a Single Round” at the 2014 Jerry Sanders Design Competition.

EDT entered three robots: Richard, GlaDOS, and Lamashtu. GlaDOS took 3rd and also earned the title of “Most Minimal Design.” Richard earned 1st place and was the top scorer of the event, with 932 points in a single round. This is particularly impressive, being the first year either of Richard’s drivers controlled a JSDC robot. This year, the challenge was to collect flexible soccer cones, and place them on vertical and horizontal rods throughout the course, similar to the game “Risk”. There were also smaller objectives, such as manipulating a soccer ball onto a pedestal, which grants you access

to the upper level of the course.

The mechanisms were all newly fabricated with many design elements taken and improved upon from the previous year’s models. Typical for EDT, this work is nearly all completed in house, as a cornerstone to the learning process. The mechanisms are first designed and drawn using a CAD program, and then manufactured to the specifications of those drawings. One of the designs even featured parts manufactured with a 3D printer, demonstrating EDT stays on top of new technologies and emerging trends.

Another victory at JSDC not only means more awards to place on their wall, but also more opportunities to improve on future work. This isn’t limited to just more JSDC competitions. EDT will be participating for the first time at NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition in May, and will also make a return to AUVSI’s Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition in June. Work never seems to end for EDT, but neither does the pride and passion the students put into the team.

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