Team B.T.A.T.

(Better. Than. a. Tesla.)


  • Create a combined team of both mechanical and electrical engineering students 
  • Learn and enhance the skills of 
    • Software Design (Mechanical and Electrical CAD)
    • Machining 
    • Soldering
    • Welding
  • Create a fully functioning electrically powered vehicle that EDT could use for having fun, showcasing, and resume building for its team members.
  • Desired speed 35-40 mph.

Meeting Times

Weekly Meeting times: M,W at 4PM and F at 2PM (currently virtual on discord)

Meetings and Workshops Schedule

Plan for September
Week 1 – Recruitment and organizing, No meetings
Week 2 – Project Introduction and Overview
Week 3 – Begin Frame CAD & battery pack designs
Week 4 – plan first parts order

Workshops Resources

Solidworks Installation Tutorial (LINKED)
Lynda Solidworks 2019 Essential Training (LINKED)

Project jump start info

Current Roster

Joe Stiso (C) – M.E. –

Alex Domagala – E.E.

Jon Perthel – E.E.

Keefe Li – M.E.