EDT Continues its Foray into Autonomous Robotics with Scipio

Autonomy is one of the most demanding, interesting, and applicable challenges in robotics today. The Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition is one which allows students and universities to showcase their innovative approaches to autonomous robot control.

Last year EDT was able to enter our robot Scipio, outfitted with an array of navigation sensors, into the IGVC where it performed strongly, particularly in design, where it recieved 3rd place. We are building on our previous efforts this year, and hope to achieve success in the remaining categories.

The team is headed by EDT Vice President Zach Quinn (Senior, Electrical Engineering), with the computer science team being lead by Basheer Subei (Senior, Bio-Engineering).

Click to learn more about the competition: http://www.igvc.org

The Midway Point

It’s currently week 8 of classes for UIC students, marking the halfway point of the semester. With many students finishing up their midterm examinations, its time to take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and keep up the hard work!

Reminders for Engineering Undergraduates:

  •  Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.
    • This will help to plan your semester and remove any outstanding holds on your student account, allowing you to register for classes
  • Week 10 is the last week to use a withdrawal from a class.
    • Keep this in mind if you are feeling overwhelmed by the coursework. This allows you to drop the class and receive a W. Note: students have a limit to the number of classes they may withdraw from.


EDT Piques Interest at the UIC Involvement Fair

Over one hundred and forty one students expressed interest at joining the UIC Engineering Design Team at the recent UIC Involvement Fair.    When asked what drew him to EDT, one new member simply said: “…because robots are cool man.”

And we have to agree.

Learn more about the involvement fair and UIC Events: http://www.uic.edu/depts/campusprograms/funfair/funfair.shtml