Over the years EDT has developed reliable systems for tele-operation of their bots. After dabbling with fully autonomous at JSDC, the team craved a competition with new and more complex challenges. Inspired by the Grand Challenge, we sought out a new higher profile competition.

IGVC is an advanced autonomous robotics competition, targeted toward masters and PhD level students. At EDT we manage with an entirely undergraduate team, seeking only minor support from alumni.

The competition itself takes place outside, rain or shine. EDT travels to the University of Oakland, in Rochester Michigan, where they compete in an open field. There are three parts: Navigation, JAUS, and Engineering Design.

The Navigation part involves qualifying, which makes sure the core systems (line detection and object avoidance) are functioning. The real course involves the robot to navigate a course without going outside the white lines (which may be dashed or broken at times), avoid obstacles such as traffic obstructions(cones, bins, etc.) and other navigational difficulties such a sand trap or a dynamic course.

The design includes presenting the robot to a panel of judges who come from the field. EDT strives to be a design team, and not just an assembly or systems integration team (although system integration is important and a part of design). This competition really forces you to apply proper design philosophies in order to produce a working machine that can compete successfully.

EDT Takes Home Awards!

March 13-14th, 2015

Chicago Engineering Design Team competed at the Jerry Sanders Design Competition at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.  EDT had three teams representing UIC over the weekend: Team GLaDOS, Team Pandora, and Team Richard.  Against fierce competition, Team GLaDOS and Team Pandora were able to take home the 3rd and 4th place awards, respectively!

DRO Install on our Bridgeport Mill

Over the course of a few days, and with the gracious help of our alumni, EDT was able to install the Acu-Rite 200S on our trusty old Bridgeport J-head mill. The installation included two optical encoders for the table, one for the quill, and the control unit. After everything was installed, the mill was trammed and checked for repeatability and accuracy using a dial indicator. Many thanks to the UIC College of Engineering for their continued support!

No more reading dials and counting rotations for us!

Chicago EDT hosts campus tour for Bright Elementary and Gary Elementary

Chicago EDT collaborates with UIC Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers to host campus tour for Bright and Gary Elementary Schools on Thursday March 27th and Friday March

28th. With the participation of Professor Jeremiah Abiade of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Professor Mohsen Issa of the Department of Civil and Materials Engineering, the visiting students were able to tour and observe the workings of engineering research laboratories.