Frequently Asked Questions

I’m excited to be a part of EDT! How can I get involved?
Who are we? What do we do?
What majors do we accept?
How will joining EDT help me?
Why robotics?

Q. I’m excited to be a part of EDT! How can I get involved?

First of all, we appreciate your enthusiasm to be a part of our organization! You can get involved in many ways:

If you’re a student at UIC, come on in! (Transfer students included!)

Unlike many clubs at UIC, there is no membership fee to join EDT. You don’t even have to be pursuing an engineering degree. All that we require is your commitment to learn and grow with us. A good starting point would be to join us at our weekly general body meetings and ask us how you can get started. There are also learning opportunities that we post on our public calendar if you are more of a hands-on person.

If you are an alum, we’re glad you’re back!

As an EDT Alum there are many ways to stay involved! We are always open to suggestions, or if you are interested in leading any teaching/mentoring sessions, send an email to

If you are a community member, we need more like you!

Are you interested in collaborating or would like us to come to your event? Send us an email at In the past, we’ve attended STEM nights for schools and have helped schools kick-start their robotics organizations.

If you would like to sponsor us, we’d love to have you!

Please contact us at

If you are a student of another university…

Sorry… Alternatively, you could either transfer to a better university (UIC) or join your school’s robotics club and give us fair competition.

Q. Who are we? What do we do?

Chicago EDT is a student-led robotics team. We are funded through the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Engineering. Most of our projects consist of building robotic systems, however we have projects that also include web development, mobile development, server maintenance, STEM outreach, and technical writing. When someone joins Chicago EDT, they will have the choice on what they want to work on, but they will be exposed to all of the other disciplines.

Q. What majors do we accept?

All majors (even outside of the College of Engineering), skill levels, and degree levels (undergraduate and graduate) are encouraged to join Chicago EDT. The only requirements we have is that you must be a UIC student and you must have a willingness to learn!

Q. How will joining EDT help me?

Joining EDT will expose you to many different engineering perspectives. Regardless of your major, you will most likely end up working with several different disciplines in the workplace. Chicago EDT will help you prepare to collaborate on projects where different subsystems have to work together. Additionally, EDT will give you the opportunity to learn skills that will be applied in the workforce. Classwork usually only involves theory, but EDT will show you how to create a physical product.

Q. Why robotics?

Robotics is among the most interdisciplinary sectors in the engineering workforce. As a result, engineering students will be exposed to multiple subsystems and develop a basic understanding for all of them.

Additionally, robotics is the future. Automation is now improving many industries: manufacturing, transportation, supply chains, medical, and building management. As a result, many career paths look for robotics experience. Chicago EDT is committed to preparing its members for the workforce by giving them the opportunities to nurture the skills required to enter these industries.