• 2nd Place in Midwestern Robotics Design Competition 2019
  • 3rd Place in Systems Engineering, NASA Robotic Mining Competition 2016
  • 2nd Place for the Caterpillar Autonomy Award, NASA Robotic Mining Competition 2017
  • 2014-2015 Competition Highlights
  • 3rd place Overall at NASA Robotic Mining Competition 2015
  • 3rd Place (Team GlaDos) and 4th Place (Team Pandora) at JSDC
  • 2014-2015 Operating Highlights
  • Increased team membership by 45 people
  • Diverse membership spanning the Honors College, Tau Beta Pi, Tau Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, and Alpha Eta Mu Beta
  • Sponsorship from AMD, Motorola, NVidia, SICK Sensors, SolidWorks, and NASA
  • High School/Middle School/Elementary School Outreach Events

Looking Ahead

  • Gain hands on experience in engineering design, leadership, communication, and teamwork
  • Make modifications to get first place for NASA Robotic Mining Competition 2020
  • Returning to MRDC to get the first place 
  • Continue our strong showing at Jerry Sanders Creative Design Competition
  • Continue to create a better experience for our members
  • Continue developing design skills in all areas of engineering
  • Increase our outreach efforts to further promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Plan and carry out an international outreach event

Competition Results

2000-2001 First year at JSDC. The task was unscrewing light bulbs.

2001-2002 Bocci-Bob (later known as Thor) at JSDC. Task was bowling & bocci balls.

2002-2003 Moto-Bob and Scarab at JSDC. Task was balloons.

2003-2004 Ares taken to JSDC. Task was tetris pieces. EDT secured their current shop space.

2004-2005 Ares and Thor (Bob 2.0) at JSDC. Task was picking up foam balls. EDT won most creative award for Ares.

2005-2006 Ares and Thor. Thor was the first fully autonomous robot at JSDC. Task was picking up foam balls. Ares wins first place, Thor was most innovate.

2006-2007 EDT’s first time at IGVC with Achilles.
Took Ares, Thor, Odin, and Loki to JSDC. Task was hula hoops and Frisbees. Ares-3rd, Thor-4th.

2007-2008 IGVC – Achilles.
Ares, Thor, Odin, and Loki to JSDC. Task was hoops and Frisbees again. Ares-1st Thor-4th.

2008-2009 IGVC – EDT Qualifies for the first time!
Took Ares, Thor, Odin, and Kronos to JSDC. Task was balloons.  Kronos-2nd, Odin-Demo Champion.

2010-2011 3rd Place at JSDC with Raijin, and Good Sportsmanship Award with Sephiroth. Task was foam balls
IGVC – Kratos and Enyo

2011-2012 Task at JSDC was foam balls
JSDC 1st Place – Sepiroth
JSDC 2nd Place + Demolition Champion – Raijin
IGVC – Kratos

2012-2013 IGVC – EDT Qualifies for the second time! They also took home 3rd in Engineering Design, 15th in JAUS, and 22nd in Auto-Nav. This earned them 8th Place overall, an EDT PR!
First place at JSDC with Thanatos. Lamashtu wins Demolition Champion.

2013-2014 Task at JSDC was cones and soccer balls
JSDC 1st Place – Team Richard + “Most Single Round Points”
JSDC 3rd Place – Team GlaDos + “Most Minimalist”
RMC 17th out of 36 – Hushpuppy
IGVC 7th out of 50 + 2nd Place Engineering Design – Scipio

JSDC 3rd Place – Team GlaDos
JSDC 4rd Place – Team Pandora
RMC 3rd out of 46 – SuruS