About Us

In September 2000, the Engineering Design Team (EDT) was created by a group of UIC undergraduate engineering students whose interests were grounded in technology and robotics. The club was designed to give students a chance to use their engineering knowledge to design and build robots in order to achieve a set of goals while competing against other teams.

Since robotics incorporates a wide variety of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering, the club soon became very diverse, with numerous young men and women with a variety of engineering and non-engineering backgrounds joining the ranks. When students join EDT, they can expect to become part of an active and capable team that holds a strong passion for what they do. The overall experience and knowledge that they gain not only nurtures their passion to excel as UIC students, but also helps them develop professional engineering attitudes.

Mission Statement

Our mission at the Chicago Engineering Design Team is to enhance and provide practical applications for all aspects of engineering including computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering through the engagement of creative design projects. Our designs are award winning, and it is our mission to continue crafting quality machines that help advance the respecting disciplines.

What We Do

  • Gain valuable experience as engineers
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Expand students’ knowledge of numerous engineering disciplines
  • Reinforce the strong reputation of the UIC College of Engineering
  • Work on many varying multi-disciplinary projects
  • Promote STEM to the community and our peers


  • 2014-2015 Competition Highlights
  • 3rd place Overall at NASA Robotic Mining Competition 2015
  • 3rd Place (Team GlaDos) and 4th Place (Team Pandora) at JSDC
  • 2014-2015 Operating Highlights
  • Increased team membership by 45 people
  • Diverse membership spanning the Honors College, Tau Beta Pi, Tau Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, and Alpha Eta Mu Beta
  • Sponsorship from AMD, Motorola, NVidia, SICK Sensors, SolidWorks, and NASA
  • High School/Middle School/Elementary School Outreach Events

Looking Ahead

  • Gain hands on experience in engineering design, leadership, communication, and teamwork
  • Make modifications to get first place for NASA Robotic Mining Competition 2016
  • Complete robot rebuild for IGVC 2016
  • Continue our strong showing at Jerry Sanders Creative Design Competition
  • Continue to create a better experience for our members
  • Continue developing design skills in all areas of engineering
  • Increase our outreach efforts to further promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Plan and carry out an international outreach event

Competition Results

00-01 First year at JSDC. The task was unscrewing light bulbs.

01-02 Bocci-Bob (later known as Thor) at JSDC. Task was bowling & bocci balls.

02-03 Moto-Bob and Scarab at JSDC. Task was balloons.

03-04 Ares taken to JSDC. Task was tetris pieces. EDT secured their current shop space.

04-05 Ares and Thor (Bob 2.0) at JSDC. Task was picking up foam balls. EDT won most creative award for Ares.

05-06 Ares and Thor. Thor was the first fully autonomous robot at JSDC. Task was picking up foam balls. Ares wins first place, Thor was most innovate.

06-07 EDT’s first time at IGVC with Achilles.
Took Ares, Thor, Odin, and Loki to JSDC. Task was hula hoops and Frisbees. Ares-3rd, Thor-4th.

07-08 IGVC – Achilles.
Ares, Thor, Odin, and Loki to JSDC. Task was  hoops and Frisbees again. Ares-1st Thor-4th.

08-09 IGVC – EDT Qualifies for the first time!
Took Ares, Thor, Odin, and Kronos to JSDC. Task was balloons.  Kronos-2nd, Odin-Demo Champion.

10-11 3rd Place at JSDC with Raijin, and Good Sportsmanship Award with Sephiroth. Task was foam balls
IGVC – Kratos and Enyo

11-12 Task at JSDC was foam balls
JSDC 1st Place – Sepiroth
JSDC 2nd Place + Demolition Champion – Raijin
IGVC – Kratos

12-13 IGVC – EDT Qualifies for the second time! They also took home 3rd in Engineering Design, 15th in JAUS, and 22nd in Auto-Nav. This earned them 8th Place overall, an EDT PR!
First place at JSDC with Thanatos. Lamashtu wins Demolition Champion.

13-14 Task at JSDC was cones and soccer balls
JSDC 1st Place – Team Richard + “Most Single Round Points”
JSDC 3rd Place – Team GlaDos + “Most Minimalist”
RMC 17th out of 36 – Hushpuppy
IGVC 7th out of 50 + 2nd Place Engineering Design – Scipio

JSDC 3rd Place – Team GlaDos
JSDC 4rd Place – Team Pandora
RMC 3rd out of 46 – SuruS